Playing around on the iPad... with the faces of friends of Virginia

This one's of Nicola Greco

Since I got an iPad Pro at the end of June, I've been experimenting with different programs and painting styles. My favourite one is Adobe Draw; for a beginner like me who e.g. uses layers for basic things, likes experimenting and is most definitely not the most perfectionist artist on Earth, it does all I'd ever wish for. Plus, it really works wonders with the Apple Pencil. And it's free!

So, ever since I started doodling digitally, I've begun trying out more realistic drawings - sketches of churches, statues, people... I feel like I've found a middle ground, by drawing portraits of friends while keeping it sketch-like.

That said, I still prefer drawing simple cartoons, and I doubt my iPad will forever replace my watercolors - but the opportunities this tool opens really are amazing.

VoilĂ  a portrait of the artist herself ;-)

And here's one of Nacho Aranguren

Liked them?

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